Friday, January 07, 2005

'Fear Factor' faces $2.5m lawsuit for rat-eating episode

I have been looking for something special to rant about for my first post, and well this article on did the trick. Can you believe that some idiot is suing over the contents of a tv show? You have got to be kidding me. He says, and I quote: "It's barbaric some of the things they ask these individuals to do." Yet, he readily admits that he has watched other episodes of the show. You might be saying to yourself, why didn't he just change the channel, hey it was my first though too. He said that he couldn't shut his tv off quick enough before the rat eating started...are you kiding me? Oh yeah, he legs must have been broken too, since he couldn't get up and just walk out of the room. I find this entire story to be more than comical. It really irritates me when people complain about the content of some tv shows. The reason I find it irritating is that no ones forces us to watch any show on any channel, or even to turn the tv on for that matter. I have no opinion, or comment on the content of the show because I excercised my constitutional right not to watch it. While I do appreciate the humor these type of stories inject into my world, it also saddens me that there is no shortage of idiots in this world.


Blogger Sarget Carter said...

How true this is... Another moron.. I had hot pizza and brunt the top of my mouth - and do every time I have pizza, So I will be suing all the major pizza chains. If anyone else wants in we can make it a class action suit.

3:50 PM  
Blogger Evil Homer said...

Actually, I think it's great their are idiots like this moron in the world. Without them, who would ever think to paste such warnings as:
Not for oral use - On tube of Preparation H
Contents may be hot - on all McDonald's coffee cups (coffe is hot, who'd have thunk)
Point towards enemy - on the front of a claymore mine. Yes, it actually says this.

I propose a toast to the idiots of the world for providing us with such material for our entertainment and so that we can continue to make fun of them. Now, if I can only get this cork out of champagne bottle ... maybe if I look directly at it, I can discover why it's taking so long to come off 'POP' ... OUCH!!

10:47 AM  

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