Monday, March 07, 2005

Girl shot by her boyfriend during 'bedroom activities'

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A 17-year-old McCandless girl was accidentally shot by her boyfriend Sunday while the two were engaged in "bedroom activities," police said.

Timothy Madden, 23, of Ross, was charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and corruption of a minor.

The incident occurred just before 1 p.m. at Madden's residence in the Chateau Perry Apartments at 951 Perry Highway, said Ross senior detective and public information officer William Barrett.

"They were engaged in some bizarre activities in his bedroom," Barrett said. "The gun, we believe, accidentally discharged."

The girl, who, as a juvenile, was not identified by police, was wounded in the groin with a .45-caliber handgun and was taken to an undisclosed hospital.


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