Thursday, December 29, 2005

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Always remove keys when leaving car

A man and his three kids pulled into a Roswell Road gas station. The dad left the kids in the car as he went inside. Two kids followed him inside. The third child remained in the car. The car was left running.

A man walked up to the car and got in. He turned to the child and told her to get out, which she did. She went in the store and told her father what was going on. He chased the car and managed to get the passenger door open, but the car then sped away.

The car was last seen on Belle Isle Road.

Take the keys out of the car anytime you park it, especially at a business.

These bad guys not exactly MIT grads

Two men forced an employee back into a Roswell Road restaurant after the employee opened the rear door to take garbage out.

The armed men told the employees to do what they told them. Unfortunately for the bad guys, they did not tell the victims what to do, so the victims just kind of tried to look busy.

The two bad guys then decided to charge into the dining area and wave their pistols at everyone, but there weren’t too many people there to wave at.

They couldn’t find anyone with any money and, as the witnesses reported, they couldn’t even find the office of the restaurant. They ran around a little while longer and then ran outside and got into a burgundy Toyota Camry.

To the surprise of everyone who witnessed the robbery, they managed to drive away without hitting anything.



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