Sunday, February 05, 2006

Man Drives Car Up R.I. Statehouse Steps

A man drove his car up about 12 steps of the Statehouse Friday and was arrested by police after backing down the steps and parking.

Police identified the man as Robert R. Negrotti, 37. His mother was in the car when he drove up the steps, but she did not know what he was about to do, capitol police said. No one was hurt, police said.

Rep. Peter Kilmartin told WPRI-TV he witnessed what happened from his third floor office.

"I heard a loud crash on the south side of the Statehouse. I looked out my window. I saw a gray vehicle starting to ascend the stairs. I saw it back down the stairs and then park," he said.

Capitol Police Chief Stephen Tocco said police and fire marshals checked the car for explosives, but all they found was scissors.

Surveillance cameras showed the car speeding up the stairs as if the driver were drag racing, Tocco said.

"He just shot up the front steps," Tocco said, adding that police got to the car immediately.

Tocco said Negrotti had been charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, destruction of state property, possession of a weapon other than a firearm — in this case, the scissors.



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