Saturday, March 18, 2006

Idiots of the Day - 3/18/06

Two Men Arrested After Mistaken 911 Call

Two men were jailed on arson complaints after one of them hit the wrong button on a cell phone, giving 911 dispatchers an account of a plot to set a vehicle on fire.

Enid police Capt. Jim Nivison said from that call, 911 dispatchers and a shift supervisor listened for nearly four hours to the two Enid natives as they drove across town, first planning to steal an acquaintance's car, then deciding to build an incendiary device out of a light bulb to burn the car up.

"It's all on tape; we've got the whole thing," Nivison said. "They made some pretty dumb statements. One of the males said. 'It's gonna burn, will they be able to get fingerprints?' and 'I've got the lighter, Dude. Let's go.' "

Johnny Ray Miller, 48, was arrested on complaints of third-degree arson and transporting an incendiary device. Robert A. Patterson, 24, was arrested on complaints of third-degree arson and manufacturing an incendiary device. Both also were jailed on conspiracy complaints.



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