Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bank Heist Suspects Toss Cash in Chase

Three bank robbery suspects were arrested after tossing money and a handgun out of their speeding getaway truck in a rush-hour freeway chase.

Two gunmen held Wells Fargo tellers Thursday at gunpoint while an accomplice waited outside the bank.

Police gave chase as the trio fled with an undisclosed amount of cash on Interstate 680 through neighboring cities of Milpitas and Fremont. After reversing course, they flung $1, $20 and $100 bills and a gun from the truck before surrendering.

"We don't know if they were trying to create a distraction, but our focus was to stay within their range," San Jose police spokesman Enrique Garcia said.

A section of the freeway was closed for two hours as officers stuffed cash in plastic bags.

The suspects' identities were not released.



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