Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Boys Start Steamroller, Damage School

A group of school boys allegedly started steamroller Tuesday, which ran out of control and smashed into a school in central Serbia, a Serbian news agency reported.

No one was injured in the accident in Gornji Milanovac, 50 miles south of Belgrade, but the school was seriously damaged by the 4.5 metric ton piece of machinery, the Beta news agency reported.

Officials were not immediately available to confirm the report.

Authorities were investigating how the school boys, whose identities were not released, got access to the steamroller, which was parked outside the school by workers who were repairing pavement.

The workers reportedly left the vehicle unattended to seek shelter from pouring rain, and the boys found the keys underneath the seat and started the engine.

They jumped off the steamroller when they realized they could not control it, but machine rolled toward the school, and smashed through the main entrance, hitting a few walls and before stopping at a staircase, the report said.



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