Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Judge Orders Woman to Pay Fine for Throwing Lettuce from Car

You could call it the case of the tossed salad. It made its way to the Northampton County Courthouse today. You may remember a woman was cited and fined for flinging a few leaves out the window. But she says lettuce is not litter.

WFMZ's Mike Lowe is live at the courthouse with more on this story.

It all happened last October when Dawn Higgins took her daughters and a friend to McDonald's, when she pulled over in a parking lot to eat her salad. She tossed a few of the leaves out the window.
That's when she was approached by a police officer.

"She was throwing items out of her vehicle. That was lettuce.
"I said: it's not littering. It's lettuce."
"She didn't like the mescaline greens that are part of the McDonalds salad. She tossed them out the window.
"I approached her and she became belligerent."
I said: You must be having a bad day."
"I asked her for her drivers licence."
"He eventually ended up citing her for what was 6 leaves from her McDonald's salad -- no dressing."
"I did have a little bit of an attitude, but who wouldn't. I think anyone in their right mind would have been pissed off just like I was."
"He cited her $50 dollars, plus court costs, plus a $173 fine for those leaves. Probably the most expensive McDonald's salad ever sold."
I feel terrible. I think I got robbed."
"If it would've been any other infraction, it would've shown the public it's OK to litter."

After hearing that story in court today a judge ordered Higgins to pay a fine.
Higgins is asking anyone who agrees with her to send a one dollar donation in her name to the courthouse help pay the costs.



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