Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mom Gets Prison for Making Child Steal

A judge sentenced a woman to prison for making her 6-year-old daughter steal a volunteer fire company's fundraising jar, a crime that netted the family $1.85.

Judith Weidner, 42, had told police she needed the change for gasoline, but in court she blamed a heroin addiction.

Judge David W. Addy sentenced Weidner on Monday to one to three years in prison for the January 2005 theft.

Security films show Weidner distracting a convenience store clerk while her daughter took a small fireman's boot used to collect change for a volunteer fire company effort. The boot was later found in the trash at a car wash.

"What I did to her was wrong," Weidner said. "I feel so bad about it."

Public defender Paul J. Levy said Weidner, a mother of five from Tobyhanna Township in northeastern Pennsylvania, suffers from bipolar disorder and other mental-health problems. She pleaded guilty last year to corruption of minors and conspiracy to commit theft but failed to show for a November sentencing date. She was then arrested April 29.

Weidner's attorney said her children are no longer in her custody.

"She has hit rock bottom," Levy said. "I think knowing what she did got the better of her."



Anonymous Erika Weidner said...

Judith Weidner is my mother... I am her daughter Erika Weidner... I would like to know where you got this information from. I am the daughter she used to go get the money and I feel like I did a bad thing,but I know that I was just a little kid and that it was my mother's fault.

9:10 PM  

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