Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Parents gamble, kids home alone

A California couple left their 5- and 9-year-old children home alone for the weekend while they went to gamble in Las Vegas.

Police said the parents could be charged with child neglect but have not been able to interview the couple in person because bad weather was delaying their return from Las Vegas until Wednesday.

The couple went to Las Vegas on Friday, leaving the children cereal to eat and the father's cell phone number to call in an emergency.

Their apparent hope that, in the words of the city's tourism advertisements, what happens in Las Vegas should stay in Las Vegas went awry when one of their mothers called their home on New Year's Eve and became concerned that no adult was present, said Brian Kilinowski, investigation supervisor for the San Ramon police south of San Francisco.

The children, who ate cereal for breakfast and frozen foods heated in a microwave for other meals, were unharmed.



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