Monday, February 20, 2006

Principal Sends 'Large Breast Appreciation Week' E-Mails

A community is divided.

The question of whether to keep a principal who was suspended after being accused of using school computers to send pornographic pictures is causing mixed emotions in north Georgia.

Pictures of nude women were sent to five faculty members at Union County High School in an e-mail with the caption, "It is large breast appreciation week once again."

The porn was sent to colleagues on school computers during school hours in Blairsville, Ga.

School Superintendent Tommy Stevens said the pictures were sent by Union County High School Principal Ed Rohrbaugh. The school board suspended the Rohrbaugh for five days, but he is now back from suspension. After the incident, the school board renewed his contract for next year.

"He didn't try to cover it up. Didn't deny it. He was very forthright about it. And he knows he made a mistake," Superintendent Tommy Stevens said.

The superintendent said Rohrbaugh has a spotless record, has been punished and has apologized.

Some in the community think the suspension the principal received was enough.

"He didn't put them anyplace that they could be seen by children," Joe White said.

People who support Rohrbaugh think he deserves a break.

"I was not offended by them," Tina Atkins said.

And then there are those who think he should have been fired for passing porn during school hours using school equipment.

Sandra Boyer said nothing short of termination is appropriate.

James Carter said, "It can't be tolerated. And the school board's only action was to suspend him for five days."

Critics of Rohrbaugh said it's hard to teach students to stay away from pornography when the principal is passing it around in e-mails.

"The principal of Union County High School essentially destroyed his credibility at the school with the students," Carter said.

The board also clarified its policies to indicate school computers are only supposed to be used for school related issues.



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We've posted on this and linked to you.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"it's hard to teach students to stay away from pornography" do we actually want that?? either that or they'll rape little children

4:31 AM  
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a mountain out of mole hill

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