Friday, February 10, 2006

Child Thinks Illegal Drugs Are Candy, Shares Them

A 10-year-old boy thought he was giving candy to his friends on the school bus.

But prosecutors in Fort Wayne, Ind., said the youngster was actually passing out the illegal drug Ecstasy.

Investigators are trying to figure where the kid got the pills. Some of the students put the pills in their mouths but spit them out because they tasted bad. Some students reported stomachaches and one felt tingling down the arms.

The driver then collected the bag of turquoise pills.

Police estimate the value of the stash of more than 130 Ecstasy tabs at about $3,000.

The Forest Park Elementary student who passed out the Ecstasy told police that he got the pills from the house where he goes to wait for the bus.

The hallucinogenic pills were about the size of an aspirin and had a check mark on them, similar to the Nike swoosh trademark.

Authorities have yet to file charges in the case.



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