Thursday, March 02, 2006

Idiots of the Day - 3/2/06

Thief Threatens To Use AIDS Syringe During Robbery

A thief threatened to stab a clerk with a syringe he says was filled with the AIDS virus at a Blockbuster store in Dilworth.

Police say when a clerk tried to stop a man from stealing a bag filled with Playstation Two and X-Box games, the man turned around and threatened to stab the clerk with the syringe.

The store was full of customers at the time.

Officers say that technically this is considered armed robbery.

The thief got away with three shelves worth of video games.

Witnesses say the thief was a thin white man with shabby hair and wore a baseball cap.


Man Arrested After Driving Into North Side Home

One man is under arrest after driving into the side of a building Thursday.

Police said the driver of a car somehow lost control on the North Side around 8:30 a.m.

He then ran over a gas meter along Reddour Street and ran into the side of a house.

Officers said the gas meter did not break.

The driver's name is not being released.



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